Exploring Pornography as a Cultural and Relational Issue

LENGTH: 1hr to 1 1⁄2 hrs


To provide the faith community with a better understanding of the emotional, physical, relational and spiritual dangers of pornography use for men and women.


Easy access, anonymity, and affordability have made porn more attractive and seemingly less dangerous than past outlets for sexual experimentation. Mainstream culture seems to believe that porn can do no harm to a person. Nothing could be further from the Truth! Pornography is literally physically, emotionally and spiritually dangerous to both men and women. This is NOT just a matter of faith but a matter of clear scientific truth that even the most ardent non-believer can’t deny.


  1. Common damaging effects of pornography.

  2. How porn re-wires the brain.

  3. Porn use through an addictive lens.

  4. Porn is not just a Male issue: How women struggle with porn use.

  5. How to cope with a loved one who is experiencing an addiction to porn.

  6. Variety of tools and resources for those with porn addiction or those who know someone with a porn addiction.

  7. Catholic Teaching on the dignity of the human person.