Mark Sanders

Mark Sanders is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Addiction Counselor III.  Mark is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, and the University of Pittsburgh (with a master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology).  Since relocating to Colorado in 2007 with his wife and family, Mark has investigated ways to improve the treatment of mental health and substance use in both adults and adolescents.  He understands that many times addiction issues are the result of a “hole in our heart, that we try to fill in a lot of unhealthy ways.” He has worked with individuals, couples, and families to provide assistance and support as well as help them better understand their interaction patterns.  He is positive and outgoing in his approach and recognizes the need to incorporate a religious & spiritual dimension into treatment.  He is very enthusiastic about helping individuals understand the impact of the culture on all of us and how to live lives of intentionality and balance.