Freedom for Relationship by Gaining Freedom from Porn



Internet porn-the drug of our day-which is found to have negative consequences on our relationships, our brain, and our community. Three things make it such a difficult struggle to overcome: anonymity, accessibility, and affordability. Anonymity because it can be accessed online without feeling like anyone knows who we are (the protection of the screen). Accessibility because even our smartpones carry the potential to access it anywhere and at anytime. Affordability because of the increasing number of free sites which offer it. It requires no personal contact, no leaving wherever we are at any given moment, and no need to sacrifice our pocketbooks. All reasons to understand the growing popularity of it as a way to cope with stress and loneliness in our lives.

Most kids are exposed to it around the age of 11 for the first time.

For Catholic's this can be an isolating and shaming experience and behavior, deeply associated with our concept of sin.

In reality, an addiction to pornography is less about the need for sex or visual stimulation, and more about avoidance or a coping mechanism for dealing with emotional or relational pain.

Much like drugs or alcohol, sexual stimulation releases hormones and chemicals in the body that medicate and numb negative emotions or memories, including loneliness, anxiety, fear, stress, disappointment and pain. Often (though not always), sexual struggles have their roots in childhood experiences or family issues.

At St. Raphael Counseling, we believe that God desires to free men from an addiction to false intimacy and self-medicating measures. Rather than meeting men with guilt and shame, He seeks to restore them with grace and tenacity. Only then can we experience the beauty of relationship as it is meant to be.


This is a highly confidential group of men, 18 years and older, who desire personal, spiritual, relational and physical restoration from pornography. Group therapy is different from accountability groups, small group bible studies, etc. We focus on the core issues related to addictions, while at the same time address masculinity and sexuality from a therapeutic, restorative and Catholic perspective.

Group sessions consist of psycho-educational material, sharing struggles, and processing the progressive actions of cutting out porn from your life. Each man will also have the opportunity to tell his story and receive support from other members. Initial commitment is 12 sessions.

If you are interested in joining the group, please call 720-377.1359 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. The group meets weekly, and costs $50 per session.