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Grace Cole

Grace Cole is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  She earned her Master of Science in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University.   She comes to St. Raphael’s Counseling Counseling with a unique perspective and skill set which allows her to meet clients with diverse needs where they are.   Grace was an early elementary teacher for several years before changing careers, so she understands the complexities in working with children’s unique educational and emotional needs that can create stress on the family.  Prior to working at St. Raphael’s, she spent time working with clients as a Child Protective Caseworker, helping to create safety for children while assisting the whole family in making positive changes that allowed for children and parents to stay together and thrive. 

Grace believes every human being was created with an inherent dignity and worth that cannot be taken away, no matter what the circumstances may be.  Anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, and complicated relationships with others often cloud the ability to see and recognize the worth given to each of us by God.  Grace has experienced God’s love and lifting of these clouds to discover her own dignity and worth.  She wishes to help you do the same.  Grace believes in seeking to understand.  She invites you teach her about the unique circumstances you are facing that may cloud your ability to find your own dignity and worth.  She believes in meeting you where you are, and is able to tailor her communication and work style to meet your specific needs.  If you are tired of carrying the weight of your troubles, Grace is ready to help you discover healthy ways of lightening your load.