Dr. Dave Kovacs

Dr. Kovacs is a licensed clinical psychologist. He earned his degree from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences (now Divine Mercy University) in Arlington, Virginia. Dr. Kovacs deeply understands that life can be a struggle. Anxiety, depression, grief, relationship troubles, or just feeling humanly or spiritually stuck without any clear direction can drag us down. Many people don’t take the time and invest in themselves, and instead allow life to take over and dictate where their time and energy is spent. But the best life is the one that is lived awake, aware, and fully alive! If there is something that is preventing you from living that life, Dr. Kovacs wants to help you. His approach to therapy is collaborative: you set the goals (he can help with that too), and he helps you achieve them. Dr. Kovacs’ training and experience has given him tools to help you examine how you’re thinking and feeling, understand yourself better and unlock potential that perhaps has been untapped. Take the leap and live the precious moments that you have in a manner that is worthy of your dignity. Therapy can help you to get there. Invest in yourself – you’re infinitely worth it!