Catechism of Connection: Creating a Happy, Healthy, and Holy Catholic Marriage

LENGTH: Full or Half-day retreat or six 90-minute classes


It takes years of training for a doctor, priest, or lawyer to be trained, but there is very little formation to prepare us for the real challenges of married life. The Catechism of Connection is an experience that shows couples how to apply the Church’s teaching on marriage to their own lives in a deeply personal way. Bringing together the best teaching from the Church, psychology, and life experiences, The Catechism of Connection can be done in the form of a half-day, full-day, or weekly class.


Whether it is kids, work, stress, laundry, or in-laws, so many factors make having an authentic Catholic marriage challenging. At least 50% of all marriages end in divorce and of those that stay intact, many of them are dissatisfied. But it does not have to be this waya deeply fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful marriage is possible! The wisdom of the Church and the science of psychology give us the knowledge and tools we need to have a successful relationship, but it can be hard to know how exactly to apply them to your own life. Presented in the style of an interactive and personal retreat The Catechism of Connection will teach couples in an engaging and personal way how to bring God’s love into the heart of their family life.


  1. How to actually bring God into your family life

  2. Building friendship, intimacy, and authenticity throughout the course of your marriage

  3. Accepting and embracing your personality differences

  4. Forming your marriage into a mission

  5. Applying the teachings of the Church to your marriage and your circumstances

  6. Healing from past emotional wounds that interfere with your relationships

  7. Improving communication and solving problems